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You should check your vision daily by using an Amsler grid like this one.  You may find changes in your vision that you wouldn't notice otherwise.   Putting the grid on teh front of your refrigerator is a good way to remember to look at it each day.  


To use the grid:


1. Wear your reading glasses and hold this grid 10-15 inches away from your face in good light

2. Cover one eye

3. Look directly at the center dot, note whether all the lines of the grid are straight or if any areas are distorted, blurred or blank.

4. Repeat this procedure with the other eye. 

5. If any new area of the grid looks wavy, blurred or dark, call your ophthamologist promptly. 

Usually, you will notice vision loss when you find words on a page looking blurred, a dark or empty area that appears in the center of your vision, or straight lines looking distorted

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